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Sacred Sound



Our music comes from a place that is Sacred, it is the space within us, that connects us to Truth and to the Divine.

Since over a decade we have been creating these songs on our global travels with the Medicine Spirit. Songs have been recorded during ceremonies as well as produced, mixed and arranged in the Sacred Sound of Light Forest Studio. We have come together with many amazing musicians and voices to create this wide and colorful spectrum of Soul music.


Released December 11, 2020. All rights reserved.

buy the album from Bandcamp, and stream or download all songs directly in high quality MP3, FLAC and more!

Released December 06, 2021. All rights reserved.

buy the album from Bandcamp, and stream or download all songs directly in high quality MP3, FLAC and more!

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We intend to give a home for spiritual oriented artists and listeners, giving possibilities to recording artists to be in a facility that suits their special needs for perfect creation environment.

Studio C is now open for all of your recording, production, mixing and mastering needs.

Come join us in the forest to create your masterpiece! Enjoy beautiful forest accommodations at Florestral, our eco community and hosting center. This is a unique opportunity to be immersed in pure nature and let the inspiration flow. Studio C is fully equipped with a vocal booth, professional mixing console and onsite sound engineers.



A gate to the Sacred Medicine of the Forest and Music world of SOL, the ancient Tribe is coming alive in the lavish jungle of Costa Rica. Each song has its unique origin and all have been meaningfully selected as they reflect and translate the Sacred Teachings of the Medicine Spirit. We sing these songs in ceremonies and bring them into our daily lives. They guide and inspire us on all our journeys.



Sacred Sound Studios is a project that will be the first of its kind in the world, dedicated to sound healing and creating sacred music. The focal point of this project is a state of the art recording, rehearsal and concert facility which will work alongside a sound healing center that uses innovative spatial technology.


An industry-standard music recording facility that covers over 300 square meters, featuring isolation booths for vocal recording, several fully equipped instrument tracking rooms and an impressive live room for larger instruments, groups and concerts. The recording facility is built inside a stunning 23 meter wide geodesic dome, constructed using the principals of sacred geometry at every stage.

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