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Ring of Fire

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Sound of Light 


Ring of Fire




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A journey of sacred sounds blending a variety of styles, with the intention to invite the listener to experience an uplifting, meditative and complete state of being.
  • 12 healing mantras and chants
  • 6 bonus tracks
  • Detailed instructional videos 
  • Booklet with lyrics and meditations
  • 'Making of' video
  • Instrumental versions
  • Bonus video clips
  • Album art and more..

Released December 11, 2020. All rights reserved.

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Om Bom Hare
00:00 / 01:19
I surrender
00:00 / 01:21
Tibethan Bowls
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“Ring of Fire” album is a collection of healing mantras and a learning opportunity; a portal for healing and transformation where each soul is taken into a deep inner experience. Every part of our body, our soul, every plant or little bird has a unique vibration. Mantras are sounds or vibrations that create a healing and transformative effect, filled with loving energy and intention. Loving kindness. Abundance. Presence. Physical and mental healing. These are just some of the universal aspirations we can bring into our lives through a healing mantra practice.

  18$ - early bird price  

Purchase of the album includes detailed instructional videos that will teach you how to play and sing each mantra, along with a booklet containing lyrics, meanings, history and recommended daily practices or applications of the mantras. It will also include a 'making of - behind the scenes' video, extra versions of the songs, video clips, and album art.

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James “Jimmy Tree” Sanborn grew up a wild child at heart. He started playing music at a young age and seemed destined to play guitar. His influences were led by psychedelic rock’n’roll from which he evolved into working with sacred medicine music. He is a key member and song writer of the Grasshoppers band.


For the past few years he has been residing in Costa Rica with the Florestral family.


Connecting deeply with Hindu traditions such as mantras, meditations and chanting, he is devoted to bringing people together in love and joy through the power of music.



Nicole Netaya, born in South Africa, devotes her energy to holding and honoring the Sacred Space of Ceremony and Spirit by bringing her own medicine of healing and guidance through song and prayer. With a musical ear developed from a young age, her true singing journey began in the early months of her first pregnancy.

She believes that our voice is our own unique instrument, channeling the sound of our Soul. Her voice invokes healing through the power of sound and chants derived from Indian, Brazilian, African and Shamanic influences.



Born in Israel, Vismay is a spiritual being, musician, shaman and father.


He worked in many countries where he learned about sound and music, both in the physical aspect of handling studio and live ceremony sessions and the meta physical and psycho acoustics aspect of sound journey in altered states of consciousness.

It has always been clear to him that one day he will also build a professional studio for music and healing sound creation. And now, his project is coming to fruition as Sacred Sound Studios.


Our music comes from a place that is Sacred, it is the space within us, that connects us to Truth and to the Divine.

Since over a decade we have been creating these songs on our global travels with the Medicine Spirit. Songs have been recorded during ceremonies as well as produced, mixed and arranged in the Sacred Sound of Light Forest Studio. We have come together with many amazing musicians and voices to create this wide and colorful spectrum of Soul music.



Annabel was born in Germany and currently resides in Costa Rica. She teaches what matters the most to her which is music, science and language. She enjoys artistic expression in all forms and plays a lot with the violin. She is inspired by nature and loves to create artistic effects imitating it.

Lately she has been drawn by Buddhism and mantras where she finds herself diving into the repetitive progression. 



Ariel is a more than just a musical explorer who is playing with many instruments. He is a traveler, a wild spirit with a big heart, and over the years he moved between many styles of music, exploring all sorts of traditions.

He believes with all his being that sound and energy are powerful tools for healing. His music is medicine for the soul, brings joy to the ears and peace into every spirit that connects with him.  



Jasmine is a singer in the Sufi Qawwali group "Llahi", based in Bali. She has been singing ever since she was a child. Her angelic voice carries the listeners on a magical journey through ancient portals into the depth of the soul. She's inspired by many different traditions and cultures, singing in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese, African dialects, Amazonian languages and more. Her singing is a prayer. Her heart song is pure medicine.



Tamar, born and raised in Israel to a family of musicians, has inhaled and exhaled music since birth. Her main instrument is the frame drum along with guitar, piano and harmonica.


Throughout the years she was a part of many medicine circles, traveling the world and exploring the beauty of creation.

She now resides in Thailand where she is working on her first album.



Eran has been passionate about music since childhood and has a special connection with the Native American Flute and Ney.


He studied and continues to study Turkish Sufi music specifically from the Mevlana order as well as various South American styles.

He is inspired simply by having the ability to share his feelings and emotions with others through music.



Born in Canada and currently living in Israel, Mynah’s talents have taken her all around the globe. As an accordionist, she has played internationally with with various artists. As a solo artist, she performs under the name Earth To Abigail. 


Bringing together revolutionary new ideas in her use of coding in her music and drawing on her training in classical styles, Mynah is truly an impressive artist.




A gate to the Sacred Medicine of the Forest and Music world of SOL, the ancient Tribe is coming alive in the lavish jungle of Costa Rica. Each song has its unique origin and all have been meaningfully selected as they reflect and translate the Sacred Teachings of the Medicine Spirit. We sing these songs in ceremonies and bring them into our daily lives. They guide and inspire us on all our journeys.



Together with all the artists, we have now completed the content of this incredible album and you are welcomed to join us in this journey! Here you will find updates, video or audio releases and so much more. Stay tuned!

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