Together with all the artists, we are working continuously to complete the content of this incredible album by 11/11 and you are welcomed to join us in this journey! Here you will find updates, video or audio releases and so much more. Stay tuned!

A video of Vismay recording bells and bowls for the album track, Bowling Light, in what we like to call the Crystal Cave: our small recording booth that is filled with unique crystals that enhance the energies of the space.

Bowling Light, a unique meditation track of Tibetan bowls, bells, and throat singing, is now available with preorder of our new album, the Ring of Fire.

  • Sound of Light

Updated: 5 days ago

Tibetan bowls are traditionally handmade in India and Tibet out of seven different metals that resonate in distinct frequencies that react with the universe and our bodies. They are used in meditation and sound healing.

Tibetan bowls and bells rely on echoes and vibrations to create their unique sound. It took three different attempts and a lot of experimentation to reach the correct configuration of microphones that truly captured the essence of what the bowls sound like to the human ear.

In this video, you get an insight into Vismay's experience of recording the album track, Bowling Light, now available with preorder of the album!

  • Sound of Light

Updated: 5 days ago

To truly understand the teachings of the mantras and integrate them into our lives, it is beautiful to learn to play, sing, and understand their nuances and melodies. The album will include several video lessons by Vismay (like this one!), teaching you to play and sing the songs. Whether you use this lesson to learn to play Om Bom on guitar, sing it, or simply understand it more deeply, we hope it brings you knowledge and learning.




Florestral Forest Community is located in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. The Land is between the city of San Isidro General (also known as Perez Zeledon) and the beach/surf town of Dominical.

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