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"Ring of Fire"mantras album is ready!!

Greetings from the Forest! As you may know, this morning we held a powerful and beautiful broadcast to celebrate the launch of our newest album, the "Ring of Fire". Today brings the culmination of several months of hard work, and we’re all so excited to release this incredible album into the world.

We’re so excited for you to hear and experience this incredible album - we’re going to be uploading all the tracks tomorrow morning, and we're taking the time to properly finish the beautiful video lessons and booklet, which will come within the next week.

This album is a sacred and deep journey. We recommend that once you receive it, you listen to it carefully. You are in the wonderful position of being able to listen to it for the first time, and we truly advise that you do it properly - take the time to prepare a space for yourself, try to listen to it on quality speakers or headphones if you can, consecrate your space, and really be in the right headspace to receive this music for the first time.

Until tomorrow, feel free to watch the recording of our beautiful live broadcast on the Sound of Light facebook page!

Sending love and light to you all,

SOL Circle


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