• Sound of Light

"Ring of Fire" .. an inner journey!

This album is a journey of sacred sounds blending a variety of styles, with the intention to invite the listener to experience an uplifting, meditative and complete state of being.

“Ring of Fire” album is a collection of healing mantras and a learning opportunity; a portal for healing and transformation where each soul is taken into a deep inner experience. Every part of our body, our soul, every plant or little bird has a unique vibration. Mantras are sounds or vibrations that create a healing and transformative effect, filled with loving energy and intention. Loving kindness. Abundance. Presence. Physical and mental healing. These are just some of the universal aspirations we can bring into our lives through a healing mantra practice.



Florestral Forest Community is located in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. The Land is between the city of San Isidro General (also known as Perez Zeledon) and the beach/surf town of Dominical.

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